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Happy   Diwali

Most Popular Hindu Festival

Diwali (also known as Deepawali), or ‘the festival of lights’ is perhaps the most popular of all Hindu festivals. Religious fervour paralleled with ample fun and merry-making marks this festival that is celebrated in most parts of the country. Like most festivals, Diwali has its mythological and historical bedrock. Legend has it that Hanuman (the legendary monkey-god and prime devotee of Lord Rama, the god-hero of the great Hindu epic, the Ramayana  delivered the much awaited message of Rama’s return to Ayodhya (Rama’s kingdom) after 14 years in exile. The entire kingdom rejoiced upon hearing the news and Ayodhya was washed, cleansed and dressed up with lights and shimmering earthen lamps to welcome the Lord himself. Diwali is celebrated even today to commemorate this event

Chhoti Diwali
The day before Diwali is celebrated as Chhoti Diwali (small Diwali). This is the day when Hanuman reached Ayodhya to deliver the long-awaited message of Lord Rama’s return. On Chhoti Diwali, people socialise and exchange sweets and gifts. There is a puja in the evening, and the puja sthan (most Indian homes have a special room or corner with a little temple in which they pray) is decorated with empty earthen lamps and newly purchased idols that are to be worshipped in it. In Bengal, people celebrate the Kali puja on this day. Kali is the Goddess of War and is highly revered by the Bengalis.
In South India, an oil massage followed by a bath before dawn on this day is equated to taking a dip in the holy River Ganga. And a dip in the Ganga (the holy river of India supposed to absolve one of all sins) on this day is also considered to be an act of piety.

The Mass Celebration of Diwali Festival
Finally the big day arrives and the excitement reaches fever pitch, especially for the children, as they can hardly wait for the night to get their hands on the crackers! But the day itself is not without its share of delightful moments.
The women of the house get their culinary act together to turn out an elaborate feast. An extensive fare is laid out for the household, and certain sweets are especially made during this festival, as Diwali is also the festival of sweets and feasting. In the evening, lamps and candles are placed all around the house after which the entire family assembles for the puja. A big earthen diya (lamp) is lit and later taken around the house to light all the candles and diyas.

Every house – big or small – participates in this ritual. Even the most modest shacks are transformed into bright households with a few diyas. Every little village and town glitters on this night. The sky is set ablaze with thousands of crackers bursting and diffusing coloured lights high into the sky. This festival of lights induces a great sense joy and well-being, and perhaps for once, the starry new moon night marvels at the sight of the earth.


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